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Mary Barnes

Hello, thank you for visiting my website!

My name is Mary Barnes and I’m the proud inventor of the It’s a Snap Frame™.

As a somewhat young mother of two I was working in an office when I decided that I would be much happier in life if I could be my own boss. If I was going to work hard, I may as well work hard at making my own dreams come true. I wanted to create a product that a mom like me would truly value and that I would be happy to stand behind.

Drinking my coffee one morning I looked at the face of my kitchen refrigerator and decided it was a mess. It was covered with magnets that held up dog-eared photos, pieces of my children’s school artwork and graded papers with stars and smily faces all over them. Those untidy scraps of paper deserved better. They were treasured pieces of my family’s history. I figured out then and there that I needed to design a product to transform my ugly refrigerator into a real art gallery of my children’s creations, report cards, pictures and momentos.

My idea to transform my refrigerator into an art gallery blossomed into a completely new way to display and easily change out pictures. The It’s a Snap Frame™ is different because I magnetized the inside the frame as well as the acrylic lens and frame back. I decided to hold the whole thing together with a steel plate (which can be turned around and used as a dry erase board). There are no moving parts and it can hang anywhere: a flat steel refrigerator or file cabinet, a wall or on an easel. I quickly realized that the product could also be used in an office or school environment to display reminders on file cabinets, or to personalize desks or cubicles. I’m happy to finally introduce my frames right here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

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